I've loved art from the moment I could hold a pencil.


My passion for visual art was truly realized in college, during my Couture Fashion Illustration courses. However, I never quite felt I reached my full potential. After graduating with a BFA in Fashion Design in the midst of a recession, I had very little luck finding work. Feeling defeated, I focused on just surviving... but the call of art was too strong.

Little by little I put pencil and marker to paper again, eventually teaching myself Watercolor, Acrylics, Inks and other traditional mediums - even progressing most recently into Digital Mediums.


I had found my passion again and now I create without limitations!

As a Mixed Media Artist & Illustrator, I am primarily inspired by *Cultural Mythologies, *Modern Urban Arts, and *Art Nouveau Aesthetics. I enjoy combining the organic shapes, colors, and textures that can be created using traditional mediums with the captivating and bold line art that can be achieved with digital. My love of animals, nature, and the female form are brought to life using a combination of my formal training and self-taught skills.


Historic trail blazers such as Alphonse Mucha and Erte; along with modern artists like Chris Sanders & Audrey Kawasaki are just a few of my many artistic influences. Forever the student of life and art, I constantly strive to improve my craft and discover new ways of bringing my worlds to art lovers everywhere.

My personal mission focuses on representing and empowering women, people of color, & members of the LGBT+ community. I strive for my work to bring a sense of strength, pride, vibrancy, color, and joy to people who need it most. So that they may embody the truly complex works of art that is within themselves.


As an Artistic Professional my ultimate goal is to create larger representation for new and emerging artists. In creating community based events and exhibitions, I believe we can make our works more accessible & send a greater message of hope out to the general public.