I've loved art from the moment I could hold a pencil and for a time my focus was solely in Fashion Design. My passion for visual art was truly realized in college, during my couture fashion illustration courses. However, I never quite felt I reached my full potential. After graduating with a BFA in Fashion Design in the midst of a recession, I had very little luck finding work.
Feeling defeated, I focused on just surviving... but the call of art was too strong. Little by little I put pencil and marker to paper again, eventually progressing to watercolor.
There I found my passion!
Now I create without limitations.

I am an Art Illustrator primarily inspired by *Culturally influenced mythologies, *Urban arts, graffiti, and comic books, as well as *Art Nouveau aesthetics. I enjoy combining organic shapes, colors, and textures to create captivating line art. My love of nature and the female form is brought to life using a combination of my formal training and self-taught skills. 

Historic trail blazers such as Alphonse Mucha and Erte; along with modern artists like Chris Sanders & Jake Parker are just a few of my many artistic influences. Forever the student of life and art, I constantly strive to improve my craft and discover new ways of bringing my world to art lovers everywhere.

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